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Research in English is a website devoted to distilling research into a more readable form while at the same time enabling our audience to dig deeper and learn. Our goal is to increase the publicity of research and improve citizen access to science. We always link to the original paper for users who want to learn more.


The best way to reach out is by sending a message to our editor in chief via Telegram.


Dustin Van Tate Testa

Editor in Chief
Email: [email protected]



If you see something that doesn't seem right please report it! Cited sources are entirely owned by the authors and/or their publishers. All content featured here has been shared under permissive licenses for example CC0, CC-BY-SA, etc. however if you do not want your content featured here please let us know and we will remove it for you. If you are a research journal and would like your content promoted on our platform, please reach out!

Although our editing process involves the use of AI-generated content, human review is involved at all stages of content creation and thus we take any mistakes made seriously. Please reach out if you have any concerns.


It's important to remember that research needs to be independently verified and the the researchers are not all knowing. Please verify the researchers' claims before acting on them. We do not peer review research featured here and do not approve in any way the assumptions, methodologies, results, conclusions, views, etc. of any of the relevant research, researchers, linked sites, etc.


Research in English is independent and thus not affiliated with any of the institutions or individuals featured here. The original research presented may be affiliated with other institutions.