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[2024-07-10] Single Photon Could Simultaneously Affect Distant Qubits - Potential for Quantum Communication?
[2024-07-10] Exciton-Polariton Dynamics in Two-Dimensional Semiconductors
[2024-07-10] Crisis Cafes in England Remove Barriers to Mental Health Support
[2024-07-05] Keto Diet Shows Promise for Managing Bipolar Disorder
[2024-07-05] Transform-Based Layers Boost CNN Efficiency and Accuracy, Applications for Computer Vision
[2024-07-05] Dynamic Safety Assurance for Autonomous Systems: A New Method Adapts to Changing Conditions
[2024-04-24] Researchers Use ChatGPT For Film Recommendations
[2024-04-24] FBSDetector: Purdue's New Tool Finds Fake Cell Towers
[2024-04-24] Electron-Boson Interactions Could Explain "Strange Metals"
[2024-03-21] ALMA Telescope’s New Insights Into the Sun’s Magnetic Fields
[2024-03-21] New Algorithm Improves Digraph Network Efficiency
[2024-03-15] Could Lack of Helium Explain Metal-Poor Galaxies?
[2024-03-12] Advancements in Asteroseismology Explain Red Clump Stars' Pulsations
[2024-03-12] 526 Proteins Related to Triterpene Biosynthesis
[2024-03-06] New High Temperature Semiconductor Diodes Operate at 600˚C
[2024-02-27] MuTox: Meta's New Tool to Moderate Voice Calls Across 100+ Languages
[2024-02-27] Microbial Interactions Crucial in Thwarting Invasive Plant Growth: Insights from Crofton Weed Study
[2024-02-14] Study Reveals Gender Bias in ChatGPT Translations
[2024-02-11] Enhancing Carbon Fixation in Plants For Crop Yields and Climate Change
[2024-02-11] Neptune-Like Exoplanets' Deep Atmospheres Warmer Than Previously Thought
[2024-02-11] Enzymes Found to Regulate Severity for Izumi Fever Bacterium, Offering Novel Antimicrobial Strategy Insights
[2024-02-07] Study Unveils How Mouse Brains Refine Visual Information
[2024-02-07] Post-Infection COVID-19 Vaccination Halved Risk of Reinfection During Omicron Surge: Shanghai Study Claims
[2024-02-05] Sound Amplifies Suspense in Horror Films Without Altering Time Perception, Study Suggests
[2024-02-05] NE2001p: Milky Way Galactic Electron Density Model Rewritten In Python
[2024-02-05] Right to Be Forgotten Impacts On Fairness in AI Systems
[2024-02-02] Lettuce Seedlings Craft Their Own Microbiome
[2024-02-02] I-SplitEE Algorithm Reduces Neural Net Edge Compute Costs by 55% with Minimal Performance Impact
[2024-02-02] Steven Weinberg's Legacy: Pioneering the Path to the Higgs Boson and Beyond
[2024-01-30] Slow Cooling after Heat Treatment Could Increase Polymer Strength
[2024-01-25] Potential X-Ray Signals Could Illuminate Dark Matter's Secrets in the Milky Way
[2024-01-24] Wind-Tolerant, Autonomous Drones Could Cut Bridge Inspection Costs by 30%
[2024-01-24] Novel 'Geodesic Distillation Loss' Technique Enhances Photo-realism in Text-Guided Image Morphing
[2024-01-24] Fact-Checking Fake News With ChatGPT-FC
[2024-01-21] How the Human Brain Recognizes Patterns Simultaneously at Varying Timescales
[2024-01-21] Blazar TXS 0506+056 Linked to High-Energy Neutrino Emissions
[2024-01-21] Metasurfaces Create High-Efficiency Optical Traps for Stable, On-Chip Levitation of Particles
[2024-01-19] Meta Researchers Create High-Precision Tree Canopy Maps
[2024-01-19] Study Suggest New Geometric Gravity Theory Could Challenge General Relativity
[2024-01-19] What Are Twisted Rational Zeros?
[2024-01-19] ECB Study: Central Bank Independence vs Democratic Legitimacy
[2024-01-19] Gallium Arsenide Impurities Change Optical Properties
[2024-01-15] 659 Genes That Enable Plant-Parasitic Nematodes
[2024-01-15] New Video-Language AI Model
[2024-01-15] New Signal Processing Technique Promises Faster Detection of Cosmic Events
[2024-01-11] Enhancing AI Safety: New Technique Improves Detection of Unfamiliar Data in Neural Networks
[2024-01-11] Quality Metric for AI Conversations With Humans
[2024-01-11] New, Open Source AI Recognizes Singers' Voices
[2024-01-09] Organic Molecules Formed in Oort Cloud Comets: Ingredients for Early Life?
[2024-01-09] Violence Against Women: Study Claims WHO Guidelines Fall Short
[2024-01-09] Epidural Bupivacaine Shows Promise in Reducing Early Post-surgical Pain for Lumbar Decompression Patients
[2024-01-08] Key Factors Linked to Decreased Physical Function in Systemic Sclerosis Patients Identified
[2024-01-05] Nicotine Could Be Intestinal Cancer Risk Factor
[2024-01-05] Japanese Lyme Disease Strain Found in Chinese Mammals for the First Time
[2024-01-05] TIMP2 Protein Shows Promise as Treatment in Lung Cancer Models
[2024-01-05] Danes with Chronic Conditions Face Steep Medication Costs Despite Welfare
[2024-01-04] Manipulating Neuron Building Blocks Uncovers New Insights into Nerve Growth and Healing Dynamics
[2024-01-04] Novel Oncogene Linked to Accelerated Myeloid Leukemia Progression and Energy Production in Cancer Cells
[2024-01-04] Improving Water Quality in Bangladesh Reduces Hookworm Prevalence by 30%
[2024-01-04] Dengvaxia® Dengue Vaccine Shows Potential in 6 Year Study in Brazil
[2024-01-03] Challenges Chicago Overcame to Provide Vital Services to Drug Users During The Pandemic
[2024-01-03] Would Bees Rather Be Frogs or Birds?
[2024-01-03] Alcohol in Tanzania: Study Unveils Social Bonds, Health Risks, and Gendered Stigma
[2024-01-03] New Treatment Shows Promise for Helping Veterans With PTSD Quit Tobacco
[2024-01-03] Indonesian Medaka Fish Exhibit Rapid Coloration Changes to Signal Dominance and Deter Aggression
[2024-01-03] mHealth Addiction Studies Struggle to Find and Keep Participants
[2024-01-02] Improved Algorithm for Electricity Market Pricing
[2023-12-20] GCBFSnet: New Audio Processing Model Enhances Voice Clarity in Noisy Settings
[2023-12-20] Forcasting Air Quality Impacts of Precribed Burns With AI
[2023-12-19] Lack of Detailed Data Obstructs Conservation Efforts for US Wild Bees
[2023-12-19] Study Illuminates How Animal Groups Make Collective Decisions on Timing
[2023-12-13] How Are Venture Capital and Innovation Connected?
[2023-12-06] How Spatio-Temporal Graph Neural Networks are Transforming Smart Cities
[2023-12-06] Controlling Liquid Droplets with Light
[2023-12-06] Q-Pilot: Quantum FPGA With Flying Ancillas
[2023-12-06] Multilingual Social Media Tourism Analysis With AI
[2023-11-28] Factors Influencing American Adoption of Climate-Friendly Behaviors
[2023-11-24] Link Between Anxiety, Autism Traits, and Disordered Eating
[2023-11-24] The Psychology Behind Rejected Monetary Handouts
[2023-11-18] Using Plant Waste to Cultivate Vitamin-Producing Gut Microbes
[2023-11-18] Albert Einstein: Challenging the Myth of the Lone Genius
[2023-11-18] How Misnaming Can Hinder Medical Progress
[2023-11-18] Combating Coastal Erosion With Topological Shape Optimization Techniques
[2023-11-14] Mitochondrial Protein MCU Important For Neuronal Synaptic Plasticity and Memory Formation
[2023-11-14] Autistic People Both Express and Interpret Emotions Differently
[2023-11-08] Extrapolating Fluid Flow Simulations From Pressure Measurements
[2023-11-08] New Analytical Solution for Optimizing Portfolios With Value-At-Risk Constraints
[2023-11-08] Forecasting Arctic Sea Ice With Deep Learning
[2023-11-08] The Origins and Evolution of Data Science
[2023-11-06] Ultralight Dark Matter Waves Could Solve the 'Final Parsec Problem' and Accelerate the Merging of SMBHBs
[2023-11-04] Magnetic Distortion a Serious Problem for Muography
[2023-11-01] Galliformespectra: New Dataset With Over 1000 Pictures of Chickens
[2023-11-01] Some Addiction Psychologists Dislike "Preaddiction” Label
[2023-10-31] Experiment Shows Promise for Decentralized Energy Grid Control System
[2023-10-28] Test-Time Distribution Normalization (TTDN) For Vision-Language Models
[2023-10-28] The Promising Potential of Holography in Medicine
[2023-10-28] New Gene Editing Tools for Sexually Dimorphic Moss
[2023-10-26] NA-SODINN Deep Learning Algorithm for Detecting Exoplanets
[2023-10-23] Travel Demand Concentration in Metro Systems May Decrease Efficiency
[2023-10-18] Harvard Researchers Create Nanoscale Lasers
[2023-10-18] How Misinformation Publishers Are Exploiting Ad-Tech Supply Chains
[2023-10-16] Machine Learning Used to Predict Divorce
[2023-10-14] How to Reduce Pain From Weight-Based Rejection and Discrimination
[2023-10-14] New Approach Boosts File Fragment Classification in Digital Forensics
[2023-10-12] TacoGFN: A New Tool for Structure-Based Drug Design
[2023-10-12] Enabling Data Collaboration Without Sharing Data
[2023-10-05] Nucleoside Analogues Could Help Prevent Liver Cancer in Chronic Hepatitis B Patients
[2023-10-05] New Dataset Could Help Detect Damage in Ropes
[2023-10-01] Polarized X-Rays Detected Emanating From Black Hole for First Time
[2023-10-01] 1.7 Ghz Radio Emissions Probably Harmless to Humans
[2023-10-01] New Insights into Cosmic Ray Composition and Positron Flux in Our Galaxy
[2023-09-29] Extreme Misogyny in Incels Probably Not Caused by Sexual Frustration
[2023-09-28] New Study Reveals Inequalities and Biases in How-to Guides on wikiHow
[2023-09-28] STARNet Enhances Reliability of Complex Sensors in Autonomous Robotics
[2023-09-25] Improved Understanding of Insomnia Used in New Medications
[2023-09-25] ReMIND Database: A Game-Changer for Brain Tumor Research
[2023-09-25] Dispersion Measures of Fast Radio Bursts and their Host Galaxies
[2023-09-18] How Fishing Could Boost Tourism in Algeria
[2023-09-14] Potential for Significant Efficency Improvements to Electrical Grid
[2023-09-14] New AI Can Generate 3D Heads From a Single Picture
[2023-09-11] Study Challenges Prevailing Theory: Infants Grasp Language Through Overhearing Conversations
[2023-09-11] How People Navigate Dating After Rejection
[2023-09-11] New Algorithm to Standardize Representation of Constraints in Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Blockchain Technology
[2023-09-09] Chinese Language Model Evaluation With CLEVA
[2023-09-09] Improved Video Classification Leveraging Audio Data
[2023-09-09] New Early Dark Energy Model Could Fix Hubble Constant Discrepancy
[2023-09-07] ED-TLP: A Significantly Improved Implementation for Time Lock Puzzles
[2023-09-07] New Framework for Measuring Network Complexity and Performance
[2023-09-07] Potential Strategies for Inducing Honest Reporting in Hiring Agents for Unverifiable Information
[2023-09-05] New Study Reveals Potential Target for Preventing Brain Metastasis in Breast and Lung Cancer Patients
[2023-09-05] Addressing Educational Disparities: A Study on Urban-Rural Inequality in Indian States
[2023-09-04] Simulating a Bad Trip With VR Used to Treat Anxiety
[2023-09-04] Is English Wikipedia More Reliable Than Other Languages?
[2023-09-03] How Ambiguity and Noise Increase Pro-majority Sentiment
[2023-09-03] How the Metaverse Impacts Young Users
[2023-09-03] Studying Domain Wall Conductivity in LiNbO3 Using R2D2 Model
[2023-09-02] ChatGPT Outperforms Crowd-Workers for Text Annotation Tasks
[2023-09-02] Improving Navigation of Social Robots in Dynamic Environments
[2023-09-02] New Research Shows Promise in Automated Deception Detection
[2023-08-30] New Research Sheds Light on Mysterious 2.07 μm Absorption Feature on Jupiter's Moon, Europa
[2023-08-30] New Metric Improves Cardiac MRI Analysis
[2023-08-29] Link Between STI Symptoms and Stillbirth in Sub-Saharan Africa
[2023-08-29] AI Speeds Up Screening Process in Systematic Reviews by 70%
[2023-08-24] How Ecological Drift Shapes Microbiome Diversity Within Animal Hosts
[2023-08-23] Simulated Economy Explores Wage Inequality
[2023-08-23] How Potassium and Calcium Currents Impact Neurons
[2023-08-23] HYPER-DRIVE - Hyperspectral Imaging for Robots in Unstructured Environments
[2023-08-16] Holistic Face Processing in Humans
[2023-08-16] Do Public Pools Increase Prejudice?
[2023-08-12] Cooperative Quantum Phenomena in Light-Matter Platforms
[2023-08-12] Providing Information about Other Passengers in Shared Automated Vehicles
[2023-08-12] AI Can Interpret Complex Metaphores
[2023-08-12] Dynein's Role in Cell Division
[2023-08-12] New Model to Improve Security of Autonomous Vehicles
[2023-08-09] New Research on Boson Stars
[2023-08-09] Python Tools for Modelling Atom-Light Interactions
[2023-08-09] New Intelligent Assistant for Manufacturing Processes
[2023-08-06] Solution to Algorithmic Price Collusion Could Drop Prices 40%
[2023-08-05] New Techniques for Accurate Nanoscale Electromechanical Measurements
[2023-08-05] New Method for Testing Predictability in Financial Markets
[2023-08-05] New Study from CERN Regarding Physics Beyond the Standard Model
[2023-08-05] YOLOBench: Evaluating Object Detection Models on Embedded Systems for Optimal Performance
[2023-07-24] New Compression Scheme for 3D Point Clouds Achieves Remarkable Results at Aggressive Bit Rates
[2023-07-17] Faintest and Closest Optical Tidal Disruption Event Observed
[2023-07-17] New Tool Allows Easy Data Collection from 4chan
[2023-07-17] Significant Increase in Cruciate Ligament Surgeries in Japan
[2023-07-17] Drift Theory: A Tool for Understanding and Analyzing Random Processes
[2023-07-17] New Research on Electron Interactions in Graphene
[2023-07-12] Mitigating the Risks of Maximal Extractable Value in Blockchain Ecosystems
[2023-07-12] Scientists Create Bioluminescent Fruit Flies
[2023-07-12] How do Physics Majors Choose Specializations?
[2023-07-12] Quantum Physics Advances Power Generation from Waste Heat
[2023-07-12] Researchers Optimize Legs - Improvements for Walking Robots?
[2023-07-10] How Metacognition Drives Confidence and Uncertainty
[2023-07-10] New Research Identifies Metabolic Risk Factors for Breast Cancer Brain Metastasis
[2023-07-10] Enhancing Accuracy in Silicon Photonic Ring Resonator Thermometers
[2023-07-10] Key Insights for Infectious Disease Modelling and Risk Assessment
[2023-07-10] New Research Improves Flow Field Predictions
[2023-07-10] theft: A New Package for Time-Series Analysis in R
[2023-07-10] New Research Uncovers the Secret to Robust Motor Control
[2023-07-10] Detecting Depression With Deep Learning and Brain Scans
[2023-07-09] New Method Predicts Drug-Target Interactions with Unparalleled Accuracy
[2023-07-09] How Lifestyle Choices Impact Aging Brains
[2023-07-09] New Approach to Quantum Vector Databases
[2023-06-30] Language Models as Biomedical Simulators
[2023-06-30] pysersic: A Powerful Python Package for Studying Galaxy Structural Properties
[2023-06-30] Two Liquid Forms of Water With Different Properties
[2023-06-30] Controllable Text-to-Image Generation Breakthrough With GPT-4
[2023-06-30] Battling Malaria: Adaptive Sampling for More Accurate Monitoring
[2023-06-30] How Microstructure Changes Magnetic Properties of Electrical Steel
[2023-06-29] Potential Link Between Maternal Intra-Abdominal Pressure and Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension
[2023-06-29] Using Machine Learning to Find Hidden Ice Patches on Mars
[2023-06-29] New Yeast Strain Triples Anticancer Drug Production
[2023-06-29] Substance Use Correlated with Social Media in Tribal India
[2023-06-29] Researchers use Bloch Point Nanospheres to make Magnetic Traps
[2023-06-29] E. Coli Transformed to Capture Carbon with Just Three Mutations
[2023-06-29] Martial Arts Training Boosts Vigilance and Flexibility in Adults
[2023-06-29] Gynecological Studies Excluded Worthy Participants due to Varying Symptoms
[2023-06-29] New Research Offers Possibility for Detecting Ancient Population III Supernovae
[2023-06-29] New Research Reveals Secrets of Ultrasonic Exfoliation of 2D Materials
[2023-06-29] New Research Reveals the Key to Answering Ambiguous Questions Successfully
[1969-12-31] New breakthrough technology enables real-time control of quantum qubits, optimizing stability and performance
[1969-12-31] Groundbreaking Research Unveils New Framework for Efficient Robotic Learning
[1969-12-31] New Study Unravels Epigenetic Secrets of Human Pancreas Development and Implications for Monogenic Diabetes
[1969-12-31] SR-Lasso: Revolutionizing Imaging Science with Sharper, More Accurate Visual Data
[1969-12-31] New Study Reveals Groundbreaking Discovery in Understanding Kidney Function and Potential for Treating High Blood Pressure and K
[1969-12-31] New Research Reveals Effective Strategies for Better Understanding Extreme and Unfamiliar Numbers
[1969-12-31] The Challenges of Robustness in Natural Language Processing: A Comprehensive Analysis Exposes Gaps in Model Performance and Eval
[1969-12-31] New Study Explores the Importance of Higher Orders in Opacity for Unraveling the Mysteries of Quark-Gluon Plasma
[1969-12-31] New Guideline Unveils Best Practices for Curation of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins in DisProt Database