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Cucumber in a condom | Marco Verch Professional Photographer on Flickr

Extreme Misogyny in Incels Probably Not Caused by Sexual Frustration

Fri Sep 29 2023

New Study Challenges Link Between Sexual Frustration and Extreme Misogyny in Incels: Understanding the Psychology behind Misogynis

why-how | airpix on Flickr

New Study Reveals Inequalities and Biases in How-to Guides on wikiHow

Thu Sep 28 2023

Inequalities and biases in how-to guides on wikiHow revealed by new study, highlighting implications for equality and accessibility.

Waymo self-driving car training on Austin roads | Lars Plougmann on Flickr

STARNet Enhances Reliability of Complex Sensors in Autonomous Robotics

Thu Sep 28 2023

STARNet: Enhancing Reliability of Complex Sensors in Autonomous Robotics with a New Network. Improved prediction accuracy by 10% in adverse conditions.

Insomnia | Choo Yut Shing on Flickr

Improved Understanding of Insomnia Used in New Medications

Mon Sep 25 2023

New Research Explores Promising Drugs for Insomnia, Offering Hope for Improved Treatment Options #insomnia #sleepdisorder #pharmacology

Brain tumor MRI scans | Nathanael Burton on Flickr

ReMIND Database: A Game-Changer for Brain Tumor Research

Mon Sep 25 2023

Discover the ReMIND Database, a game-changer for brain tumor research, providing valuable resources for studying these complex conditions. #BrainTumorResearch #DataScience

Artist’s impression of a fast radio burst traveling through space and reaching Earth | European Southern Observatory on Flickr

Dispersion Measures of Fast Radio Bursts and their Host Galaxies

Mon Sep 25 2023

New research reveals insights into the dispersion measures of fast radio bursts (FRBs) and their host galaxies. #FRBs #Research

Hodeidah Port, Yemen | Rod Waddington on Flickr

How Fishing Could Boost Tourism in Algeria

Mon Sep 18 2023

Unlocking the Potential of Pescatourism to Boost Algeria's Coastal Tourism Sector: New Study Explores Opportunities for Economic Growth and Sustainability.

49909766167_7eca22d95f_o | EPA Clean Air Markets on Flickr

Potential for Significant Efficency Improvements to Electrical Grid

Thu Sep 14 2023

New study shows combining conservation voltage reduction and dynamic thermal rating optimizes peak load management, saving costs and enhancing efficiency.

The Two of Us | Enoch Leung on Flickr

New AI Can Generate 3D Heads From a Single Picture

Thu Sep 14 2023

A groundbreaking method for generating realistic 3D models of human heads from single photographs has been developed by researchers. The Multi-NeuS method, based on neural implicit functions, can create accurate and immersive 3D models without the need...

Nino! | Thomas Quine on Flickr

Study Challenges Prevailing Theory: Infants Grasp Language Through Overhearing Conversations

Mon Sep 11 2023

New research finds infants can understand words even without direct speech, suggesting they learn language by overhearing conversations.

Valentines Day Cookies Publix Bakery | Phillip Pessar on Flickr

How People Navigate Dating After Rejection

Mon Sep 11 2023

New research reveals how individuals navigate new romantic relationships after rejection, displaying prosocial behavior rather than aggression.

Yum Cha | Phil Whitehouse on Flickr

Chinese Language Model Evaluation With CLEVA

Sat Sep 09 2023

Introducing CLEVA: The Platform Revolutionizing Chinese Language Model Evaluation. Addressing the challenges and providing a comprehensive benchmark for Chinese LLMs.

Hans Zimmer live | Steve Knight on Flickr

Improved Video Classification Leveraging Audio Data

Sat Sep 09 2023

New research introduces a groundbreaking method for few-shot video classification using audio-visual data, reducing the need for labeled training data.

NGC 7331, Deer Lick Galaxy Group, Pegasus | Rudy Kokich on Flickr

New Early Dark Energy Model Could Fix Hubble Constant Discrepancy

Sat Sep 09 2023

New research explores early dark energy's role in expanding universe and addresses Hubble constant discrepancies. Valuable insights gained.

Enigma Machine | School of Mathematics - University of Manchester on Flickr

ED-TLP: A Significantly Improved Implementation for Time Lock Puzzles

Thu Sep 07 2023

Introducing the Efficient Delegated Time-Lock Puzzle: A Breakthrough in Cryptographic Protocols with Real-Time Verification.