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Biology:Behavior and Cognition

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White-tailed Bumblebee on Sedum | Nigel Hoult on Flickr

Would Bees Rather Be Frogs or Birds?

Wed Jan 03 2024

New research challenges the belief that bumblebees rely on bird's-eye views for navigation, finding that they actually prefer ground-level navigation in cluttered environments. These findings not only shed light on the navigation strategies of bees b...

DSC_2306 | yoppy on Flickr

Indonesian Medaka Fish Exhibit Rapid Coloration Changes to Signal Dominance and Deter Aggression

Wed Jan 03 2024

New research reveals that Indonesian medaka fish, Oryzias celebensis, exhibit rapid changes in body coloration to signal dominance and deter aggression. This study provides insights into the social dynamics of these fish and sheds light on the neurobio...

Exercise Tiger Strike 2019 | United States Embassy  Kuala Lumpur on flickr

Martial Arts Training Boosts Vigilance and Flexibility in Adults

Thu Jun 29 2023

New research suggests that practicing martial arts can have a positive impact on both vigilance and cognitive flexibility. The study, titled "Vigilance & Cognitive Flexibility: The Effect of Martial Arts Experience on Task Switching," aimed to inves...