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File:Hopane.svg | Edgar181 on Wikimedia

526 Proteins Related to Triterpene Biosynthesis

Tue Mar 12 2024

New Triterpene RDF Database Unveils Plant Enzymes Essential for Health-Boosting Compounds

File:Ageratina adenophora (Flower) 2.jpg | Ixitixel on Wikimedia

Microbial Interactions Crucial in Thwarting Invasive Plant Growth: Insights from Crofton Weed Study

Tue Feb 27 2024

New research from Yunnan University in China highlights the critical role of microbial interactions in thwarting the growth of invasive plants, specifically Ageratina adenophora, or Crofton weed. The study suggests that leveraging natural microbial e...

Corn Seedlings | GoddessOfRocks on Flickr

Enhancing Carbon Fixation in Plants For Crop Yields and Climate Change

Sun Feb 11 2024

A groundbreaking study by researchers at Michigan State University explores the potential of enhancing carbon fixation in plants, offering potential advancements in agricultural productivity and climate change mitigation.

Green Lettuce | Alabama Extension on Flickr

Lettuce Seedlings Craft Their Own Microbiome

Fri Feb 02 2024

Lettuce seedlings have the ability to selectively shape their own microbiome from the surrounding environment, according to a groundbreaking study led by scientists from the Università degli Studi Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria, Italy. This discove...

paritic_nematode_001-2019-06-20-22-54-06 | Lawrence Perepolkin on Flickr

659 Genes That Enable Plant-Parasitic Nematodes

Mon Jan 15 2024

Researchers at the Crop Science Centre at the University of Cambridge have identified 659 genes involved in the infection strategy of the beet cyst nematode, shedding light on how these microscopic roundworms attack plants and threaten global crop yi...