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Nicotine Could Be Intestinal Cancer Risk Factor

Fri Jan 05 2024

Study Reveals Nicotine's Role in Promoting Intestinal Tumors, Highlighting Increased Cancer Risk from Smoking

Healthy Mouse Spinal Cord Neurons | NIH Image Gallery on Flickr

Manipulating Neuron Building Blocks Uncovers New Insights into Nerve Growth and Healing Dynamics

Thu Jan 04 2024

New Study Manipulates Neuron Building Blocks to Uncover Insights into Nerve Growth and Healing Dynamics, revealing the impact of posttranslational modifications on microtubules and their role in neural development and regeneration.

United States Capitol Building Cell Towers Inauguration | Anthony Quintano on Flickr

1.7 Ghz Radio Emissions Probably Harmless to Humans

Sun Oct 01 2023

New study challenges concerns about harmful effects of 1.7 GHz RF-EMF on cell proliferation, suggests impact is due to temperature changes.

dynein_model.full | Oregon State University on Flickr

Dynein's Role in Cell Division

Sat Aug 12 2023

Dynein's surprising role in cell division uncovered in new research, paving the way for potential disease interventions.