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Economic growth temps after corona crisis | Marco Verch on Flickr

New Analytical Solution for Optimizing Portfolios With Value-At-Risk Constraints

Wed Nov 08 2023

New research provides analytical solution for optimizing portfolio investments under Value-at-Risk constraints in financial markets. #portfoliooptimization #VaRconstraints #financialresearch

India | Simon Berry on Flickr

Addressing Educational Disparities: A Study on Urban-Rural Inequality in Indian States

Tue Sep 05 2023

Understanding Urban-Rural Educational Disparities in Indian States: Implications for Social Welfare and Development

Cryptocurrency Tokens | Bybit on Flickr

Mitigating the Risks of Maximal Extractable Value in Blockchain Ecosystems

Wed Jul 12 2023

MEV refers to the ability of validators or block proposers to exploit users' transactions for personal gain. The paper aims to address this problem by proposing a formal approach to determine fair compensation for users