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File:Physics Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg, December, 2014.jpg | Bubba73 on Wikimedia

Steven Weinberg's Legacy: Pioneering the Path to the Higgs Boson and Beyond

Fri Feb 02 2024

This article explores the profound impact of Steven Weinberg's pioneering work in particle physics, specifically in relation to the Higgs boson, and highlights how his contributions continue to shape and inspire research in the field today.

File:Dark matter map of KiDS survey region (region G12).jpg | Jmencisom on Wikimedia

Potential X-Ray Signals Could Illuminate Dark Matter's Secrets in the Milky Way

Thu Jan 25 2024

New research from Durham University's M. R. Lovell explores the potential of using X-ray signals to detect dark matter decay in the Milky Way's halo, providing insights into the mysterious nature of this elusive substance that makes up 85% of the uni...

New Insights into Cosmic Ray Composition and Positron Flux in Our Galaxy

Sun Oct 01 2023

New study uncovers insights into cosmic ray composition and positron flux in our galaxy, revealing potential excess of positrons at higher energies.

Compact Muon Solenoid in the Large Hadron Collider | Chic Bee on Flickr

New Study from CERN Regarding Physics Beyond the Standard Model

Sat Aug 05 2023

New study from CERN presents exciting search for physics beyond the standard model, revealing potential new particles and model constraints.

New Study Explores the Importance of Higher Orders in Opacity for Unraveling the Mysteries of Quark-Gluon Plasma

Wed Dec 31 1969

New Study Explores Importance of Higher Orders in Opacity for Understanding Quark-Gluon Plasma. Discoveries galore!