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CCT - Comissão de Ciência, Tecnologia, Inovação, Comunicação e Informática | Agência Senado on Flickr

Holistic Face Processing in Humans

Wed Aug 16 2023

New study uncovers different aspects of holistic face processing: facilitation and interference effects explored.

Wild Wadi Water Park Dubai | Jeremy Thompson on Flickr

Do Public Pools Increase Prejudice?

Wed Aug 16 2023

New research reveals interethnic contact at public pools increases prejudice and far-right support, highlighting the need for better policy solutions.

metacognition and self directed learning | Giulia Forsythe on Flickr

How Metacognition Drives Confidence and Uncertainty

Mon Jul 10 2023

A new unpublished paper titled "Metacognition and Confidence: A Review and Synthesis" explores the neural basis of confidence and uncertainty and its impact on metacognition. The paper provides a roadmap for bridging the gap between the neuroscience...

Figure 2: The lock and key analogy for drug-target interactions | U.S. Government Accountability Office on Flickr

New Method Predicts Drug-Target Interactions with Unparalleled Accuracy

Sun Jul 09 2023

Researchers have developed a new method for predicting drug-target interactions, according to an unpublished paper titled "Meta-Path-based Probabilistic Soft Logic for Drug-Target Interaction Prediction." The goal of the method is to automate and sp...