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Psychadelic Zoom | Danielle Henry on Flickr

Simulating a Bad Trip With VR Used to Treat Anxiety

Mon Sep 04 2023

Researchers propose a new aesthetic, "numadelic," to create transformative VR experiences similar to near-death and psychedelic encounters.

metacognition and self directed learning | Giulia Forsythe on Flickr

How Metacognition Drives Confidence and Uncertainty

Mon Jul 10 2023

A new unpublished paper titled "Metacognition and Confidence: A Review and Synthesis" explores the neural basis of confidence and uncertainty and its impact on metacognition. The paper provides a roadmap for bridging the gap between the neuroscience...

Detecting Depression With Deep Learning and Brain Scans

Mon Jul 10 2023

New research has found promising results in using deep learning models to identify biomarkers in children and adolescents diagnosed with major depressive disorder (MDD). The study, titled "Resting-state EEG Classification of Children and Adolescents...