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Significant Increase in Cruciate Ligament Surgeries in Japan

Published on Thu Jul 06 2023Human knee | Oregon State University on Flickr Human knee | Oregon State University on Flickr

A new study conducted in Japan has revealed an increase in the number of cruciate ligament (CL) surgeries over the past six years. The study utilized data from the National Database of Health Insurance Claims and Specific Health Checkups of Japan to analyze trends in CL surgeries and to examine the characteristics of the Japanese population in terms of sex and age. The researchers found that the number of CL surgeries performed had significantly increased from 2014 to 2019, with arthroscopic ligament reconstruction procedures accounting for the majority of cases. Interestingly, the study also found that the incidence of CL surgeries varied between males and females, with a higher incidence among males overall but a higher incidence among females in their teenage years.

The findings of this study provide valuable insights into the epidemiology of CL surgeries in Japan and highlight the need for further investigation into the general patterns of CL surgery. Understanding the incidence and trends of CL surgeries is crucial for providing effective healthcare services, as it allows medical professionals to develop better treatment strategies and improve overall patient care. The increase in CL surgeries observed in this study suggests a growing need for these procedures, not only among younger patients but also among middle-aged and older adults. This could be attributed to factors such as increased health awareness, higher physical activity levels, and advancements in medical technology.

The study does have some limitations, such as the lack of detailed information on specific types of CL surgeries and the inability to analyze data on injuries other than those requiring CL surgery. However, the researchers plan to conduct future studies to investigate these aspects in more depth. By extracting more detailed data and comparing it with overseas reports, the researchers hope to gain further insights into optimal treatment strategies and develop rehabilitation and prevention programs to address knee joint ligament injuries.

Overall, this study sheds light on the increasing incidence of CL surgeries in Japan and highlights the importance of understanding the characteristics and trends of these surgeries. By gaining a better understanding of the epidemiology of CL surgeries, medical professionals can improve healthcare services and provide more effective treatment options for patients in the future.

Written by uchino, s., Taguri, M.
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