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Some Addiction Psychologists Dislike "Preaddiction” Label

Wed Nov 01 2023

Examining the Pros and Cons of the Proposed 'Preaddiction' Label: What it could mean for Substance Use Disorder.

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The Promising Potential of Holography in Medicine

Sat Oct 28 2023

The Promising Potential of Holography in Medicine: Enhancing Surgery, Medical Education, and Telemedicine. Discover how holography is revolutionizing healthcare.

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TacoGFN: A New Tool for Structure-Based Drug Design

Thu Oct 12 2023

A new tool - TacoGFN promises to automate structure-based drug discovery with a new approach and better performance over existing methods

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Nucleoside Analogues Could Help Prevent Liver Cancer in Chronic Hepatitis B Patients

Thu Oct 05 2023

New study shows nucleos(t)ide analogues may help prevent liver cancer in chronic hepatitis B patients. #hepatitisB #livercancer #research

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Improved Understanding of Insomnia Used in New Medications

Mon Sep 25 2023

New Research Explores Promising Drugs for Insomnia, Offering Hope for Improved Treatment Options #insomnia #sleepdisorder #pharmacology

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ReMIND Database: A Game-Changer for Brain Tumor Research

Mon Sep 25 2023

Discover the ReMIND Database, a game-changer for brain tumor research, providing valuable resources for studying these complex conditions. #BrainTumorResearch #DataScience

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New Study Reveals Potential Target for Preventing Brain Metastasis in Breast and Lung Cancer Patients

Tue Sep 05 2023

New study discovers gene linked to brain metastasis in breast and lung cancer patients, could lead to new treatments.

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New Metric Improves Cardiac MRI Analysis

Wed Aug 30 2023

New Metric Improves Cardiac MRI Analysis; Deep neural networks detect and enhance failed segmentations, boosting accuracy and efficiency.

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Link Between STI Symptoms and Stillbirth in Sub-Saharan Africa

Tue Aug 29 2023

New study in sub-Saharan Africa reveals link between STI symptoms and stillbirth, calling for urgent screening and treatment.

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Significant Increase in Cruciate Ligament Surgeries in Japan

Mon Jul 17 2023

A new study conducted in Japan has revealed an increase in the number of cruciate ligament (CL) surgeries over the past six years. The study utilized data from the National Database of Health Insurance Claims and Specific Health Checkups of Japan to...

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New Research Identifies Metabolic Risk Factors for Breast Cancer Brain Metastasis

Mon Jul 10 2023

New research has shed light on the metabolic vulnerabilities that lead to the spread of breast cancer to the central nervous system (CNS). Brain metastasis is a major challenge in treating breast cancer, as it is difficult to target and poses a sign...

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Key Insights for Infectious Disease Modelling and Risk Assessment

Mon Jul 10 2023

New research has explored the value of collecting simulated trajectories, rather than just descriptive statistics, in collaborative infectious disease modelling efforts. The study compared projections from multiple epidemic models for COVID-19 in Be...

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How Lifestyle Choices Impact Aging Brains

Sun Jul 09 2023

New Study Explores the Relationship Between Lifestyle and Cognitive Decline in Older Adults

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Potential Link Between Maternal Intra-Abdominal Pressure and Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension

Thu Jun 29 2023

New Study Finds Link Between Maternal Intra-Abdominal Pressure and Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension

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Substance Use Correlated with Social Media in Tribal India

Thu Jun 29 2023

New research conducted in the North-East Indian state of Tripura has uncovered a concerning correlation between social networks and substance use among male tribal adolescents. The study found that the prevalence of substance use among these adolesc...

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Gynecological Studies Excluded Worthy Participants due to Varying Symptoms

Thu Jun 29 2023

A recent systematic review of published research has found that many clinical trials exclude participants based on their symptoms rather than their underlying condition, leading to inefficiencies and wasted resources in gynecological research. The s...