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Fogo em Serra Negra | Mark Hillary on Flickr

Meta Researchers Create High-Precision Tree Canopy Maps

Fri Jan 19 2024

Researchers from Meta's Fundamental AI Research (FAIR), the World Resources Institute, and the Desert Research Institute have developed a revolutionary AI-generated mapping method that provides highly detailed maps of tree canopies, allowing for bett...

Missouri Botanical Garden 8/10/23 | Sharon Mollerus on Flickr

Lack of Detailed Data Obstructs Conservation Efforts for US Wild Bees

Tue Dec 19 2023

New study reveals the lack of detailed data on US wild bees, highlighting the urgent need for comprehensive and standardized data collection to guide conservation efforts and protect these vital pollinators.

Squash Bug - Anasa tristis | Christina Butler on Flickr

How Ecological Drift Shapes Microbiome Diversity Within Animal Hosts

Thu Aug 24 2023

New study reveals surprising role of ecological drift in shaping microbiome diversity within animal hosts. #research #microbiome #ecology

mosquito | Alixo Music on flickr

Battling Malaria: Adaptive Sampling for More Accurate Monitoring

Fri Jun 30 2023

A new study published in the journal PLOS ONE highlights the importance of accurate assessments of vector occurrence and abundance in combatting widespread vector-borne diseases like malaria. The research specifically focuses on the Anopheles gambia...