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Thésée-la-Romaine (Loir-et-Cher) | Daniel Jolivet on Flickr

Using Plant Waste to Cultivate Vitamin-Producing Gut Microbes

Sat Nov 18 2023

New research suggests plant waste could cultivate vitamin-producing gut microbes. Findings open doors for future research. #GutHealth #Vitamins

Cystinosis - Lymph node | Atlas of Medical Foreign Bodies on Flickr

How Misnaming Can Hinder Medical Progress

Sat Nov 18 2023

Rethinking Disease Names: The Impact of Misnaming on Medical Progress, with a Focus on Transplant Arteriosclerosis

Cells with nuclei in blue, energy factories in green and the actin cytoskeleton in red | NIH Image Gallery on Flickr

Mitochondrial Protein MCU Important For Neuronal Synaptic Plasticity and Memory Formation

Tue Nov 14 2023

Mitochondrial protein MCU sheds light on neuronal synaptic plasticity and memory formation. Read the latest research here.

Flock of Free-range Chickens on Small Farm | Alabama Extension on Flickr

Galliformespectra: New Dataset With Over 1000 Pictures of Chickens

Wed Nov 01 2023

New Hen Breed Dataset: Advancing Poultry Research and Revolutionizing the Poultry Industry

Redshank moss | hedera.baltica on Flickr

New Gene Editing Tools for Sexually Dimorphic Moss

Sat Oct 28 2023

Scientists develop CRISPR-Cas9 tools for sexually dimorphic moss, allowing precise genetic editing and insights into plant evolution.

United States Capitol Building Cell Towers Inauguration | Anthony Quintano on Flickr

1.7 Ghz Radio Emissions Probably Harmless to Humans

Sun Oct 01 2023

New study challenges concerns about harmful effects of 1.7 GHz RF-EMF on cell proliferation, suggests impact is due to temperature changes.

Ameloblastoma, metastatic, intrabronchial lung | Dr. Yale Rosen Atlas of Pulmonary Pathology on Flickr

New Study Reveals Potential Target for Preventing Brain Metastasis in Breast and Lung Cancer Patients

Tue Sep 05 2023

New study discovers gene linked to brain metastasis in breast and lung cancer patients, could lead to new treatments.

Squash Bug - Anasa tristis | Christina Butler on Flickr

How Ecological Drift Shapes Microbiome Diversity Within Animal Hosts

Thu Aug 24 2023

New study reveals surprising role of ecological drift in shaping microbiome diversity within animal hosts. #research #microbiome #ecology

Healthy Mouse Spinal Cord Neurons | NIH Image Gallery on Flickr

How Potassium and Calcium Currents Impact Neurons

Wed Aug 23 2023

New Research Reveals Role of Potassium and Calcium Currents in Neuronal Firing Patterns, Offering Potential for Treating Brain Diseases #neuroscience #research

dynein_model.full | Oregon State University on Flickr

Dynein's Role in Cell Division

Sat Aug 12 2023

Dynein's surprising role in cell division uncovered in new research, paving the way for potential disease interventions.

Rhagoletis alternata | Martin Cooper on Flickr

Scientists Create Bioluminescent Fruit Flies

Wed Jul 12 2023

Scientists have made a breakthrough in understanding the process behind bioluminescence, the ability of certain organisms to produce light. In a recent study, researchers studied the fruit fly enzyme CG6178, which is similar to the enzyme that allow...

Stethoscope on Laptop, Close-up | Jernej Furman on flickr

Language Models as Biomedical Simulators

Fri Jun 30 2023

Large language models (LLMs) have been found to be effective in a wide range of tasks by generating human-like language on a massive scale. Now, a team of researchers has discovered that these LLMs can also be used as simulators for biological syste...

mosquito | Alixo Music on flickr

Battling Malaria: Adaptive Sampling for More Accurate Monitoring

Fri Jun 30 2023

A new study published in the journal PLOS ONE highlights the importance of accurate assessments of vector occurrence and abundance in combatting widespread vector-borne diseases like malaria. The research specifically focuses on the Anopheles gambia...

Gifford Pinchot NF - Plaque on Discovery of Taxol, La Wis Wis Campgound - GWW | U.S. Forest Service- Pacific Northwest Region on flickr

New Yeast Strain Triples Anticancer Drug Production

Thu Jun 29 2023

A new study has found a way to increase the production of taxadiene, a precursor to the anticancer drug Taxol, in yeast. Researchers from Oxford University conducted an experiment where they evolved a yeast strain to be more tolerant to oxidative st...

 | National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences on flickr

E. Coli Transformed to Capture Carbon with Just Three Mutations

Thu Jun 29 2023

Title: Genetic Breakthrough: E. Coli Modified to Grow Autotrophically with Just Three Mutations

Exercise Tiger Strike 2019 | United States Embassy  Kuala Lumpur on flickr

Martial Arts Training Boosts Vigilance and Flexibility in Adults

Thu Jun 29 2023

New research suggests that practicing martial arts can have a positive impact on both vigilance and cognitive flexibility. The study, titled "Vigilance & Cognitive Flexibility: The Effect of Martial Arts Experience on Task Switching," aimed to inves...

New Study Unravels Epigenetic Secrets of Human Pancreas Development and Implications for Monogenic Diabetes

Wed Dec 31 1969

New study reveals secrets of human pancreas development and implications for monogenic diabetes. Exciting breakthrough in epigenetic research!

New Study Reveals Groundbreaking Discovery in Understanding Kidney Function and Potential for Treating High Blood Pressure and K

Wed Dec 31 1969

New Study Reveals Groundbreaking Discovery in Understanding Kidney Function and Potential for Treating High Blood Pressure and Kidney Disease

New Guideline Unveils Best Practices for Curation of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins in DisProt Database

Wed Dec 31 1969

New guideline reveals best practices for curating intrinsically disordered proteins in DisProt, unlocking insights into crucial biological processes.