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526 Proteins Related to Triterpene Biosynthesis

Tue Mar 12 2024

New Triterpene RDF Database Unveils Plant Enzymes Essential for Health-Boosting Compounds

File:Ageratina adenophora (Flower) 2.jpg | Ixitixel on Wikimedia

Microbial Interactions Crucial in Thwarting Invasive Plant Growth: Insights from Crofton Weed Study

Tue Feb 27 2024

New research from Yunnan University in China highlights the critical role of microbial interactions in thwarting the growth of invasive plants, specifically Ageratina adenophora, or Crofton weed. The study suggests that leveraging natural microbial e...

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Enhancing Carbon Fixation in Plants For Crop Yields and Climate Change

Sun Feb 11 2024

A groundbreaking study by researchers at Michigan State University explores the potential of enhancing carbon fixation in plants, offering potential advancements in agricultural productivity and climate change mitigation.

File:Yersinia pestis scanned with electron micrograph.jpg | Ww2censor on Wikimedia

Enzymes Found to Regulate Severity for Izumi Fever Bacterium, Offering Novel Antimicrobial Strategy Insights

Sun Feb 11 2024

Scientists have discovered how specific enzymes in Yersinia pseudotuberculosis, a pathogen responsible for gut-associated diseases, regulate the bacterium's virulence factors, providing insights into potential antimicrobial strategies to combat the p...

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Study Unveils How Mouse Brains Refine Visual Information

Wed Feb 07 2024

New study sheds light on how mouse brains refine visual information, supporting the idea of hierarchical processing and offering valuable insights for the development of neuromorphic computing systems.

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Lettuce Seedlings Craft Their Own Microbiome

Fri Feb 02 2024

Lettuce seedlings have the ability to selectively shape their own microbiome from the surrounding environment, according to a groundbreaking study led by scientists from the Università degli Studi Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria, Italy. This discove...

File:1543, Andreas Vesalius' Fabrica, Base Of The Brain.jpg | Materialscientist on Wikimedia

How the Human Brain Recognizes Patterns Simultaneously at Varying Timescales

Sun Jan 21 2024

New research from the University of Pennsylvania suggests that the human brain can simultaneously grasp and anticipate both fast and slow patterns, challenging previous theories that indicate a need to master quick changes before understanding the bi...

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Meta Researchers Create High-Precision Tree Canopy Maps

Fri Jan 19 2024

Researchers from Meta's Fundamental AI Research (FAIR), the World Resources Institute, and the Desert Research Institute have developed a revolutionary AI-generated mapping method that provides highly detailed maps of tree canopies, allowing for bett...

paritic_nematode_001-2019-06-20-22-54-06 | Lawrence Perepolkin on Flickr

659 Genes That Enable Plant-Parasitic Nematodes

Mon Jan 15 2024

Researchers at the Crop Science Centre at the University of Cambridge have identified 659 genes involved in the infection strategy of the beet cyst nematode, shedding light on how these microscopic roundworms attack plants and threaten global crop yi...

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Nicotine Could Be Intestinal Cancer Risk Factor

Fri Jan 05 2024

Study Reveals Nicotine's Role in Promoting Intestinal Tumors, Highlighting Increased Cancer Risk from Smoking

Lone Star Tick | Lisa Zins on Flickr

Japanese Lyme Disease Strain Found in Chinese Mammals for the First Time

Fri Jan 05 2024

New Study Reveals Diverse Strains of Lyme Disease Bacteria in China's Small Mammals, Amplifying Concerns for Public Health and Disease Control in Forested and High-Altitude Regions.

White ribbon as symbol of woman violence or lung cancer on blue background | Marco Verch on Flickr

TIMP2 Protein Shows Promise as Treatment in Lung Cancer Models

Fri Jan 05 2024

Researchers from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) have discovered that the protein TIMP2 has the potential to suppress tumor growth and modulate the immune environment in lung cancer models, offering hope for new therapies to combat this deadly fo...

Healthy Mouse Spinal Cord Neurons | NIH Image Gallery on Flickr

Manipulating Neuron Building Blocks Uncovers New Insights into Nerve Growth and Healing Dynamics

Thu Jan 04 2024

New Study Manipulates Neuron Building Blocks to Uncover Insights into Nerve Growth and Healing Dynamics, revealing the impact of posttranslational modifications on microtubules and their role in neural development and regeneration.

Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia, Marrow Aspirate | Ed Uthman on Flickr

Novel Oncogene Linked to Accelerated Myeloid Leukemia Progression and Energy Production in Cancer Cells

Thu Jan 04 2024

Researchers at the University of California San Diego have identified a novel oncogene that accelerates the progression of myeloid leukemia and enhances energy production in cancer cells, potentially paving the way for new therapeutic targets and imp...

Lots of Water | Susanne Nilsson on Flickr

Improving Water Quality in Bangladesh Reduces Hookworm Prevalence by 30%

Thu Jan 04 2024

New Study in Bangladesh Shows Water Treatment and Sanitation Interventions to Reduce Hookworm Prevalence by 30%, offering potential solutions to combat soil-transmitted helminth (STH) infections and improve current control programs.

White-tailed Bumblebee on Sedum | Nigel Hoult on Flickr

Would Bees Rather Be Frogs or Birds?

Wed Jan 03 2024

New research challenges the belief that bumblebees rely on bird's-eye views for navigation, finding that they actually prefer ground-level navigation in cluttered environments. These findings not only shed light on the navigation strategies of bees b...

DSC_2306 | yoppy on Flickr

Indonesian Medaka Fish Exhibit Rapid Coloration Changes to Signal Dominance and Deter Aggression

Wed Jan 03 2024

New research reveals that Indonesian medaka fish, Oryzias celebensis, exhibit rapid changes in body coloration to signal dominance and deter aggression. This study provides insights into the social dynamics of these fish and sheds light on the neurobio...

Missouri Botanical Garden 8/10/23 | Sharon Mollerus on Flickr

Lack of Detailed Data Obstructs Conservation Efforts for US Wild Bees

Tue Dec 19 2023

New study reveals the lack of detailed data on US wild bees, highlighting the urgent need for comprehensive and standardized data collection to guide conservation efforts and protect these vital pollinators.

Massive goose gaggle | Joseph Gage on Flickr

Study Illuminates How Animal Groups Make Collective Decisions on Timing

Tue Dec 19 2023

Study uncovers how animal groups prioritize timing over location in critical decision-making, shedding light on when animals migrate or retreat from predators. The paper challenges existing notions of collective intelligence, highlighting the importanc...

Thésée-la-Romaine (Loir-et-Cher) | Daniel Jolivet on Flickr

Using Plant Waste to Cultivate Vitamin-Producing Gut Microbes

Sat Nov 18 2023

New research suggests plant waste could cultivate vitamin-producing gut microbes. Findings open doors for future research. #GutHealth #Vitamins