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Two Liquid Forms of Water With Different Properties

Published on Mon May 29 2023230502154034 | Jesse James on flickr 230502154034 | Jesse James on flickr

Scientists have made a groundbreaking discovery about the dynamics of water, revealing evidence of two liquid forms with different transition temperatures and thermal activation energies. Water, as we all know, is vital for life and plays a crucial role in maintaining the structures and functions of biomolecules and cells. But understanding the dynamics of water has proven challenging due to its strong absorption at terahertz frequencies. In response, researchers used a high-precision terahertz spectrometer to measure and characterize the terahertz dielectric response of water from supercooled liquid to near boiling point.

By analyzing the terahertz dielectric response, the scientists observed dynamic relaxation processes corresponding to the collective orientation, single-molecule rotation, and structural rearrangements resulting from breaking and reforming hydrogen bonds in water. This direct relationship between the macroscopic and microscopic relaxation dynamics provides unprecedented evidence of two liquid forms in water, each with its own unique temperature characteristics and energy requirements for transitioning between the forms.

The findings of this study have significant implications for our understanding of water dynamics and could have wide-ranging applications. For example, this research provides an opportunity to directly test microscopic computational models of water dynamics. Additionally, the study sheds light on the relationship between temperature and relaxation times, allowing for estimates of important thermodynamic properties such as enthalpy, entropy, and heat capacity of thermal activation.

Overall, this study not only uncovers new insights into the fundamental properties of water but also opens up possibilities for further research and applications in various fields. Understanding the dynamics of water is crucial for advancements in physics, chemistry, biology, and more. By delving deeper into the complexities of water, scientists are gaining a better understanding of the world around us and paving the way for future discoveries and innovations.

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