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Albert Einstein | Deanna Galgano on Flickr

Albert Einstein: Challenging the Myth of the Lone Genius

Sat Nov 18 2023

Unveiling Einstein's Collaborative Journey: Challenging the Myth of the Lone Genius in Formulating General Relativity

fluid_sim_ubuntu_wallp_3 | György Surek on Flickr

Extrapolating Fluid Flow Simulations From Pressure Measurements

Wed Nov 08 2023

New technique reconstructs fluid flow patterns using surface pressure measurements, revolutionizing fluid dynamics understanding. #Research #FluidFlow

Clouds Clearing | Oregon State University on Flickr

Forecasting Arctic Sea Ice With Deep Learning

Wed Nov 08 2023

A novel deep learning network revolutionizes Arctic sea ice prediction, providing accurate and efficient climate change insights.

Hubble Captures a Galactic Dance | NASA Hubble Space Telescope on Flickr

Ultralight Dark Matter Waves Could Solve the 'Final Parsec Problem' and Accelerate the Merging of SMBHBs

Mon Nov 06 2023

New research suggests ultralight dark matter waves could solve the 'final parsec problem' and speed up the merging of supermassive black holes.

270 078 001 | U.S. Department of Energy on Flickr

Magnetic Distortion a Serious Problem for Muography

Sat Nov 04 2023

New research investigates magnetic field impact on muography images, highlighting the need for accuracy and reliability. #Muography #Research

New planetary-mass object found in quadruple system | European Southern Observatory on Flickr

NA-SODINN Deep Learning Algorithm for Detecting Exoplanets

Thu Oct 26 2023

New Deep Learning Algorithm NA-SODINN Improves Detection of Exoplanets in High-Contrast Images, Paving the Way for Groundbreaking Discoveries.

Green laser VS small tree | Helmuts Rudzītis on Flickr

Harvard Researchers Create Nanoscale Lasers

Wed Oct 18 2023

Breakthrough research achieves laser emission in single nanoparticles, revolutionizing nanophotonics with implications for medicine.

Artist’s illustration of galaxy with jets from a supermassive black hole | Hubble ESA on Flickr

Polarized X-Rays Detected Emanating From Black Hole for First Time

Sun Oct 01 2023

New research reveals exciting insight into the geometry of black hole emission and accretion, shedding light on their enigmatic nature.

New Insights into Cosmic Ray Composition and Positron Flux in Our Galaxy

Sun Oct 01 2023

New study uncovers insights into cosmic ray composition and positron flux in our galaxy, revealing potential excess of positrons at higher energies.

Artist’s impression of a fast radio burst traveling through space and reaching Earth | European Southern Observatory on Flickr

Dispersion Measures of Fast Radio Bursts and their Host Galaxies

Mon Sep 25 2023

New research reveals insights into the dispersion measures of fast radio bursts (FRBs) and their host galaxies. #FRBs #Research

NGC 7331, Deer Lick Galaxy Group, Pegasus | Rudy Kokich on Flickr

New Early Dark Energy Model Could Fix Hubble Constant Discrepancy

Sat Sep 09 2023

New research explores early dark energy's role in expanding universe and addresses Hubble constant discrepancies. Valuable insights gained.

green light | Nicola Sap De Mitri on Flickr

Studying Domain Wall Conductivity in LiNbO3 Using R2D2 Model

Sun Sep 03 2023

New study sheds light on domain wall conductivity in LiNbO3, unlocking potential for nanoelectronic devices.

Europa - PJ45-2 | Kevin Gill on Flickr

New Research Sheds Light on Mysterious 2.07 μm Absorption Feature on Jupiter's Moon, Europa

Wed Aug 30 2023

New study explains the mysterious 2.07 μm absorption feature on Europa, suggesting it may be formed by radiolytic processes. #Jupiter #Europa

Fully Integrated Whole-body Simultaneous PET/MRI Device | NIH Image Gallery on Flickr

New Metric Improves Cardiac MRI Analysis

Wed Aug 30 2023

New Metric Improves Cardiac MRI Analysis; Deep neural networks detect and enhance failed segmentations, boosting accuracy and efficiency.

Fiber Optics | Pascal on Flickr

Cooperative Quantum Phenomena in Light-Matter Platforms

Sat Aug 12 2023

Cooperative quantum phenomena in light-matter platforms explored, offering insights for emerging quantum technologies. #QuantumPhysics #Research

Galaxy JADES-GS-z6 in the GOODS-S field: JADES (NIRCam image) | NASA's James Webb Space Telescope on Flickr

New Research on Boson Stars

Wed Aug 09 2023

New research uncovers potential black hole mimics: self-interacting boson stars with insights into dark matter. #Astrophysics #DarkMatter

python logo felt | Ayumu Kasuga on Flickr

Python Tools for Modelling Atom-Light Interactions

Wed Aug 09 2023

New Python tools simplify modelling of atom-light interactions, empowering scientists to understand complex dynamics. #atomphysics #Python

New Techniques for Accurate Nanoscale Electromechanical Measurements

Sat Aug 05 2023

New research uncovers breakthrough techniques for accurate nanoscale electromechanical measurements, revolutionizing material science.

Compact Muon Solenoid in the Large Hadron Collider | Chic Bee on Flickr

New Study from CERN Regarding Physics Beyond the Standard Model

Sat Aug 05 2023

New study from CERN presents exciting search for physics beyond the standard model, revealing potential new particles and model constraints.

Large Hubble Survey Confirms Link between Mergers and Supermassive Black Holes with Relativistic Jets | NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on Flickr

Faintest and Closest Optical Tidal Disruption Event Observed

Mon Jul 17 2023

Astronomers discover a faint and close optical tidal disruption event, shedding light on the mysteries of black holes and galaxies.