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New High Temperature Semiconductor Diodes Operate at 600˚C

Wed Mar 06 2024

Researchers have developed semiconductor diodes utilizing Cr2O3:Mg/ 𝛽-Ga2O3 that can operate at scorching temperatures up to 600˚C, offering promising durability for electronics in extreme conditions. This breakthrough not only showcases the robu...

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Slow Cooling after Heat Treatment Could Increase Polymer Strength

Tue Jan 30 2024

New Computational Study Reveals How Heat Treatment Affects Microscopic Spaces in Polymers, Paving the Way for Improved Material Design.

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Gallium Arsenide Impurities Change Optical Properties

Fri Jan 19 2024

New Study Reveals How Minimal Impurities Alter Gallium Arsenide's Light Absorption Properties, Impacting Optoelectronic Efficiency.

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Controlling Liquid Droplets with Light

Wed Dec 06 2023

Article Title: Controlling Liquid Droplets with Light: A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Technology

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Studying Domain Wall Conductivity in LiNbO3 Using R2D2 Model

Sun Sep 03 2023

New study sheds light on domain wall conductivity in LiNbO3, unlocking potential for nanoelectronic devices.

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Cooperative Quantum Phenomena in Light-Matter Platforms

Sat Aug 12 2023

Cooperative quantum phenomena in light-matter platforms explored, offering insights for emerging quantum technologies. #QuantumPhysics #Research

New Techniques for Accurate Nanoscale Electromechanical Measurements

Sat Aug 05 2023

New research uncovers breakthrough techniques for accurate nanoscale electromechanical measurements, revolutionizing material science.

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New Research on Electron Interactions in Graphene

Mon Jul 17 2023

New research has shed light on the behavior of electrons in graphene, specifically their interactions with one another. A team of scientists has discovered that the presence of a single defect within the graphene's tunnel barrier can inject electron...

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Quantum Physics Advances Power Generation from Waste Heat

Wed Jul 12 2023

New research has explored the thermoelectric transport across a tunnel contact between two charge Kondo circuits, which could have significant implications for energy conversion and quantum computing technologies. The study builds on previous theore...

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Two Liquid Forms of Water With Different Properties

Fri Jun 30 2023

Scientists have made a groundbreaking discovery about the dynamics of water, revealing evidence of two liquid forms with different transition temperatures and thermal activation energies. Water, as we all know, is vital for life and plays a crucial ...

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How Microstructure Changes Magnetic Properties of Electrical Steel

Fri Jun 30 2023

Scientists have developed a new method to measure the fundamental microstructural influences on the magnetic properties of electrical steel. These properties are crucial for the performance of electrical machines, so understanding these influences i...

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Researchers use Bloch Point Nanospheres to make Magnetic Traps

Thu Jun 29 2023

A recent study published in the journal Science Advances has explored the use of Bloch point nanospheres as a design for magnetic traps. Magnetic traps are devices that use a gradient of magnetic fields to confine particles with magnetic moments. Th...

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New Research Reveals Secrets of Ultrasonic Exfoliation of 2D Materials

Thu Jun 29 2023

New research published in the journal Nature Communications has unveiled the intricacies behind the process of ultrasonic liquid phase exfoliation (ULPE) of two-dimensional (2D) materials. ULPE is a widely studied technique for producing large-size ...

New breakthrough technology enables real-time control of quantum qubits, optimizing stability and performance

Wed Dec 31 1969

New study showcases real-time control of quantum qubits, optimizing stability and performance without micromagnets or nuclear polarization protocols.