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Dengvaxia® Dengue Vaccine Shows Potential in 6 Year Study in Brazil

Published on Thu Dec 28 2023Aedes Mosquito | NIAID on Flickr Aedes Mosquito | NIAID on Flickr

In an encouraging stride against one of the world's most rapidly spreading mosquito-borne diseases, dengue, a new study has presented valuable insights on the effectiveness of the Dengvaxia® vaccine in Paraná, Southern Brazil. The six-year study, engaging a target population of approximately half a million residents from 2016 to 2022, offers a nuanced picture of the vaccine's success in real-world settings. By analyzing data collected from various age groups receiving different doses, the results paint a complex picture where the vaccine has shown a significant reduction in probable dengue cases, particularly against certain serotypes.

The research, found that despite challenges and variations – including no effectiveness against the DENV-2 serotype – the vaccine still proved to be a valuable tool in the fight against dengue. Not only did it demonstrate an overall effectiveness of 33.7% for those who received at least one dose, but it also seemed to shine in older age groups and individuals who completed the full series of shots as recommended. Hospitalization rates were lower among the vaccinated, hinting at the vaccine’s role in alleviating the severe impacts of dengue.

Such results hold high importance for public health, as dengue affects as many as 400 million people annually and has been stubbornly persistent in areas like Paraná, which reported high incidence rates of the disease. Moreover, while the vaccine's performance against the different serotypes of dengue varied—the protection it offered against DENV-4 and DENV-1 was promising, potentially directing future vaccine development and public health strategies.

The study's insights come at a crucial time, given that the vaccine, originally recommended for both seronegative and seropositive individuals, is now only advised for those who have had a previous dengue infection. With the learnings from this population-based cohort, future assessments of the vaccine’s effectiveness could witness improved results, contributing to a more robust defense against a disease that poses a significant threat globally.

Written by CARVALHO, D. S., Luhm, K. R., Shimakura, S. E., Raboni, S. M., Vieira da Costa-Ribeiro, M. C., Diaz-Quijano, F. A., de Mello, A. M., Roberto da Silva, L., Buffon, M. d. C. M., Maluf, E. M. C. P., Graeff, G., Preto, C., de Almeida, G. A., de Sousa, G. A., Krainski, E. T., Evans, A. A., de Carvalho, D. S.
Tags: Medicine | Medicine:Epidemiology

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