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Shout. | Martin Fisch on Flickr

MuTox: Meta's New Tool to Moderate Voice Calls Across 100+ Languages

Tue Feb 27 2024

The article highlights a groundbreaking study introducing MuTox, a universal multilingual audio-based toxicity dataset and detection classifier developed by researchers at FAIR, Meta. This innovative tool transcends language boundaries, shifting the ...

Radio Version - Echoes of Stellar Demise: Tracing Cassiopeia A's Supernova Remnant using 525 Hours of integration | William Ostling on Flickr

New Signal Processing Technique Promises Faster Detection of Cosmic Events

Mon Jan 15 2024

Scientists have developed a new technique that promises faster and more efficient detection of cosmic events using the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) on wafer-scale supercomputers, potentially revolutionizing our understanding of the universe and enabl...

Shellyann Evans | Daniel/Dan Eidsmoe on Flickr

New, Open Source AI Recognizes Singers' Voices

Thu Jan 11 2024

Advances in Self-Supervised Learning Bring AI Closer to Identifying Singers by Voice, Revolutionizing Music Recognition and Synthesis

Alert Wildfire Camera Detection System | Bureau of Land Management Oregon and Washington on Flickr

Improved Algorithm for Electricity Market Pricing

Tue Jan 02 2024

Revolutionizing Energy Markets: A new algorithm tackles the challenges posed by the surge in renewable energy sources, reducing costs, and speeding up pricing in wholesale electricity markets.

Crowds at Ueno Toshogu Shrine Entrance | DLKR on Flickr

GCBFSnet: New Audio Processing Model Enhances Voice Clarity in Noisy Settings

Wed Dec 20 2023

New research presents a groundbreaking audio processing model, GCBFSnet, that can enhance voice clarity and separate multiple speakers' voices in real time, potentially revolutionizing hearing aids and other audio devices in noisy settings. This low-la...

Q-Pilot: Quantum FPGA With Flying Ancillas

Wed Dec 06 2023

Q-Pilot: Revolutionizing Quantum Computing with Flying Ancillas and Field Programmable Qubit Arrays. A groundbreaking compiler that enhances efficiency and reduces errors in quantum circuits. #QuantumComputing #QubitArrays

Transmission Lines | Matthew Bellemare on Flickr

Experiment Shows Promise for Decentralized Energy Grid Control System

Tue Oct 31 2023

Experimental Validation of Innovative Control Strategy for Energy Hub Networks Brings Us Closer to Decentralized Energy Model. Researchers successfully test new distributed control strategy for energy hubs, bridging the gap between theory and practice....

The Haunted Mansion | Thank You (24 Millions ) views on Flickr

The Promising Potential of Holography in Medicine

Sat Oct 28 2023

The Promising Potential of Holography in Medicine: Enhancing Surgery, Medical Education, and Telemedicine. Discover how holography is revolutionizing healthcare.

United States Capitol Building Cell Towers Inauguration | Anthony Quintano on Flickr

1.7 Ghz Radio Emissions Probably Harmless to Humans

Sun Oct 01 2023

New study challenges concerns about harmful effects of 1.7 GHz RF-EMF on cell proliferation, suggests impact is due to temperature changes.

Waymo self-driving car training on Austin roads | Lars Plougmann on Flickr

STARNet Enhances Reliability of Complex Sensors in Autonomous Robotics

Thu Sep 28 2023

STARNet: Enhancing Reliability of Complex Sensors in Autonomous Robotics with a New Network. Improved prediction accuracy by 10% in adverse conditions.

49909766167_7eca22d95f_o | EPA Clean Air Markets on Flickr

Potential for Significant Efficency Improvements to Electrical Grid

Thu Sep 14 2023

New study shows combining conservation voltage reduction and dynamic thermal rating optimizes peak load management, saving costs and enhancing efficiency.

a girl wearing an Oculus Quest 2 talking with his friends in the metaverse | Rémy Metalograms on Flickr

How the Metaverse Impacts Young Users

Sun Sep 03 2023

Insights from a Young Gamer: Understanding the Metaverse and Its Impact on Young Users. A study explores the perspective of a young gamer on the Metaverse and how it can inform research.

Fully Integrated Whole-body Simultaneous PET/MRI Device | NIH Image Gallery on Flickr

New Metric Improves Cardiac MRI Analysis

Wed Aug 30 2023

New Metric Improves Cardiac MRI Analysis; Deep neural networks detect and enhance failed segmentations, boosting accuracy and efficiency.

Robot Delivery Shake Shack | Phillip Pessar on Flickr

HYPER-DRIVE - Hyperspectral Imaging for Robots in Unstructured Environments

Wed Aug 23 2023

Revolutionizing Robotic Terrain Perception: HYPER-DRIVE System Enables Hyperspectral Imaging for Unstructured Environments

When you drive a self-driving car, you ride with Hitler | glennbphoto on Flickr

New Model to Improve Security of Autonomous Vehicles

Sat Aug 12 2023

New model LSF-IDM detects network attacks in autonomous vehicles, providing enhanced security and real-time communication guarantees.

PointCloud_CharlotteSt | Valerio on Flickr

New Compression Scheme for 3D Point Clouds Achieves Remarkable Results at Aggressive Bit Rates

Mon Jul 24 2023

New compression scheme achieves remarkable results for 3D point clouds at aggressive bit rates. Improves efficiency and visual accuracy.

Researchers Optimize Legs - Improvements for Walking Robots?

Wed Jul 12 2023

New research has introduced a framework for modeling and analyzing the contact-switching behavior in legged locomotion. The researchers used the concept of geometric mechanics to study the dynamics of a toy robot model that can perform continuous li...

IMG_0591 | Rob Bulmahn on Flickr

New Research Improves Flow Field Predictions

Mon Jul 10 2023

Scientists have made a breakthrough in the field of fluid dynamics with a novel approach to estimating flow fields using Reduced Order Models (ROMs). In a yet-to-be-published paper, researchers detail their innovative method which could revolutioniz...

Mars - Korolev Crater - ESA Mars Express | Andrea Luck on flickr

Using Machine Learning to Find Hidden Ice Patches on Mars

Thu Jun 29 2023

New research has found a promising way to analyze high-resolution images of Mars using machine learning. The study, conducted by a team of scientists, focused on detecting small patches of ice on the Martian surface. As the seasonal polar ice caps o...