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How Microstructure Changes Magnetic Properties of Electrical Steel

Published on Mon May 29 2023Texture - Galvanized metal | Andrew Beeston on flickr Texture - Galvanized metal | Andrew Beeston on flickr

Scientists have developed a new method to measure the fundamental microstructural influences on the magnetic properties of electrical steel. These properties are crucial for the performance of electrical machines, so understanding these influences is important for material selection and design. Typically, magnetic properties of electrical steel are measured using standardized setups that make it difficult to separate and quantify the microstructural influences. In this study, researchers introduced a miniaturized Single Sheet Tester (SST) that allows for the characterization of industrial steel sheets as well as smaller samples with dimensions of 10×22 mm.

The miniaturized SST combines the measurement of global magnetic properties with microstructural analysis methods, enabling the investigation of micro-scale magnetic effects. The researchers identified an effect of grain orientation, grain boundaries, and deformation structures using this experimental setup. They also introduced a correction function that allows for quantitative comparisons between differently sized SSTs.

The results of the miniaturized SST were validated on five industrial electrical steel grades, demonstrating that the measurement results can be compared to those obtained from established reference SST setups. The correction function approach can be applied to other SST setups, as it depends mainly on geometric conditions and a measurement at low magnetic fields.

This new approach provides valuable insights into the fundamental microstructural influences on the magnetic properties of electrical steel. It allows for the analysis of various sample sizes, including single, bi-, and oligocrystals. With further microstructural analysis, researchers can connect these microscale magnetic effects to the overall magnetic results. The miniaturized SST can be particularly useful in cases where sample material is limited, such as experimentally produced laboratory grades or materials from manufactured machines. Overall, this research enhances our understanding of the relationship between microstructural factors and the magnetic properties of electrical steel, contributing to advancements in electrical machine design and performance.

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