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Virtual clinical trials | Oak Ridge National Laboratory on Flickr

TacoGFN: A New Tool for Structure-Based Drug Design

Thu Oct 12 2023

A new tool - TacoGFN promises to automate structure-based drug discovery with a new approach and better performance over existing methods

The Two of Us | Enoch Leung on Flickr

New AI Can Generate 3D Heads From a Single Picture

Thu Sep 14 2023

A groundbreaking method for generating realistic 3D models of human heads from single photographs has been developed by researchers. The Multi-NeuS method, based on neural implicit functions, can create accurate and immersive 3D models without the need...

Yum Cha | Phil Whitehouse on Flickr

Chinese Language Model Evaluation With CLEVA

Sat Sep 09 2023

Introducing CLEVA: The Platform Revolutionizing Chinese Language Model Evaluation. Addressing the challenges and providing a comprehensive benchmark for Chinese LLMs.

Hans Zimmer live | Steve Knight on Flickr

Improved Video Classification Leveraging Audio Data

Sat Sep 09 2023

New research introduces a groundbreaking method for few-shot video classification using audio-visual data, reducing the need for labeled training data.