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Illinois | GPA Photo Archive on Flickr

How Spatio-Temporal Graph Neural Networks are Transforming Smart Cities

Wed Dec 06 2023

"Revolutionizing Urban Management: How Spatio-Temporal Graph Neural Networks are Transforming Smart Cities" - A comprehensive survey explores the game-changing impact of STGNNs in enhancing urban life, sustainability, and predictive learning.

Q-Pilot: Quantum FPGA With Flying Ancillas

Wed Dec 06 2023

Q-Pilot: Revolutionizing Quantum Computing with Flying Ancillas and Field Programmable Qubit Arrays. A groundbreaking compiler that enhances efficiency and reduces errors in quantum circuits. #QuantumComputing #QubitArrays

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Multilingual Social Media Tourism Analysis With AI

Wed Dec 06 2023

Unleashing the Power of AI for Tourism Insights: Analyzing Social Media with Minimal Data Points. How can AI revolutionize tourism research? Find out here.

Clouds Clearing | Oregon State University on Flickr

Forecasting Arctic Sea Ice With Deep Learning

Wed Nov 08 2023

A novel deep learning network revolutionizes Arctic sea ice prediction, providing accurate and efficient climate change insights.

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The Origins and Evolution of Data Science

Wed Nov 08 2023

Unraveling the Origins of Data Science: A Historical Perspective on the Evolving Field - A comprehensive examination of the history and definition of data science.

Flock of Free-range Chickens on Small Farm | Alabama Extension on Flickr

Galliformespectra: New Dataset With Over 1000 Pictures of Chickens

Wed Nov 01 2023

New Hen Breed Dataset: Advancing Poultry Research and Revolutionizing the Poultry Industry

Transmission Lines | Matthew Bellemare on Flickr

Experiment Shows Promise for Decentralized Energy Grid Control System

Tue Oct 31 2023

Experimental Validation of Innovative Control Strategy for Energy Hub Networks Brings Us Closer to Decentralized Energy Model. Researchers successfully test new distributed control strategy for energy hubs, bridging the gap between theory and practice....

ChatGPT: The CX Dialogue | Mark Hillary on Flickr

Test-Time Distribution Normalization (TTDN) For Vision-Language Models

Sat Oct 28 2023

Researchers revolutionize AI with breakthrough technique, Test-Time Distribution Normalization, improving vision-language models.

New planetary-mass object found in quadruple system | European Southern Observatory on Flickr

NA-SODINN Deep Learning Algorithm for Detecting Exoplanets

Thu Oct 26 2023

New Deep Learning Algorithm NA-SODINN Improves Detection of Exoplanets in High-Contrast Images, Paving the Way for Groundbreaking Discoveries.

google-adsense-logo1 | Thaweesha Senanayake on Flickr

How Misinformation Publishers Are Exploiting Ad-Tech Supply Chains

Wed Oct 18 2023

New study exposes how misinformation publishers exploit the ad-tech supply chain, deceiving reputable brands. Urgent action needed.

Divorce - Splitting the House | Cathrine Sæther

Machine Learning Used to Predict Divorce

Mon Oct 16 2023

Discover how machine learning can predict divorce with incredible accuracy and explore the practical implications in this groundbreaking research.

Project 365 #290: 171022 Read/Write Error | Pete on Flickr

New Approach Boosts File Fragment Classification in Digital Forensics

Sat Oct 14 2023

New SIFT Approach Revolutionizes File Fragment Classification in Digital Forensics, Enhancing Investigative Capabilities

Virtual clinical trials | Oak Ridge National Laboratory on Flickr

TacoGFN: A New Tool for Structure-Based Drug Design

Thu Oct 12 2023

A new tool - TacoGFN promises to automate structure-based drug discovery with a new approach and better performance over existing methods

Data Security Breach | Blogtrepreneur on Flickr

Enabling Data Collaboration Without Sharing Data

Thu Oct 12 2023

New research proposes an new protocol for private data collaboration leveraging homomorphic encryption that dramatically improves performance

Harbor rope | Henry Söderlund on Flickr

New Dataset Could Help Detect Damage in Ropes

Thu Oct 05 2023

New Dataset Revolutionizes Defect Detection in Synthetic Fibre Ropes, Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

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New Study Reveals Inequalities and Biases in How-to Guides on wikiHow

Thu Sep 28 2023

Inequalities and biases in how-to guides on wikiHow revealed by new study, highlighting implications for equality and accessibility.

Waymo self-driving car training on Austin roads | Lars Plougmann on Flickr

STARNet Enhances Reliability of Complex Sensors in Autonomous Robotics

Thu Sep 28 2023

STARNet: Enhancing Reliability of Complex Sensors in Autonomous Robotics with a New Network. Improved prediction accuracy by 10% in adverse conditions.

49909766167_7eca22d95f_o | EPA Clean Air Markets on Flickr

Potential for Significant Efficency Improvements to Electrical Grid

Thu Sep 14 2023

New study shows combining conservation voltage reduction and dynamic thermal rating optimizes peak load management, saving costs and enhancing efficiency.

The Two of Us | Enoch Leung on Flickr

New AI Can Generate 3D Heads From a Single Picture

Thu Sep 14 2023

A groundbreaking method for generating realistic 3D models of human heads from single photographs has been developed by researchers. The Multi-NeuS method, based on neural implicit functions, can create accurate and immersive 3D models without the need...

Mining Zcash (ZEC) | Credit: on Flickr

New Algorithm to Standardize Representation of Constraints in Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Blockchain Technology

Mon Sep 11 2023

New algorithm aims to standardize constraints representation in zero-knowledge proofs for blockchain. Implications for privacy and scalability.